A great result: NBN info session

August 15, 2017

After a fantastic result with west@work’s NBN employment info session on August 9, we’ve put together highlights of our team’s great efforts, including the attendance of 50 jobseekers.

On August 9, 2017, west@work organised an NBN employment information session with onsite interviews. Thanks to our team’s great efforts, we were able to obtain the attendance of some 50 jobseekers!

west@work organised the venue, people and professional setup which facilitated the info session around Victoria’s infrastructure boom, particularly in the telecommunications industry.

Our team are passionate about changing Victorian’s lives for the better with reliable and growing employment opportunities, such as employment in the NBN, and this really showed in the spirit and energy of the event.

Our employment coaches even conducted “on-the-spot” mock interviews with all the jobseekers prior to their interviews with the employer representatives! In total, there were¬†15 successful candidates, with 4 coming from west@work!

A special thanks to our team and all the people, employers and jobseekers who made this event one to remember.

NBN Speech

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